Belgian Syria fighter showing picture of his injuries

A muslim extremist from Brussels apparently got slightly injured while fighting in Syria, his Facebook page shows.

Today ‘Abou Jihad Al Qital’ (20) posted a picture of his badly swollen hand, commenting: “One or two months in plaster. Don’t forget me in your prayers.” But he didn’t explain what has happened to him.

It also isn’t clear to which group the French speaking Belgian belongs, although he does show sympathy for the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Sham’ (ISIS). A week ago, he posted pictures of dead bodies, telling they were Kurds. Apparently, he made those images himself.

According to his Facebook page, ‘Abou Jihad Al Qital’ is based in Aleppo. His true identity remains unknown, but one of his earlier pictures seems to be a portrait of him.

UPDATE: the earlier picture mentioned above doesn’t show the Belgian fighter ‘Abou Jihad Al Qital’. It appears to be Tariq Aldhahb, an Al Qaeda leader in Yemen who was killed in 2012. Thanks to @BatmanInBelgium for the clarification.

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