“He reminded us of Anwar Al-Awlaki” — a eulogy for Ahmed Dihaj

A few hours ago, a eulogy was published in Dutch on the Facebook page ‘Free Aseer Abu Imran’, ran by supporters of ‘Shariah4Belgium’. It is learning a little bit more about Ahmed Dihaj (32) from Antwerp — a.k.a. Abu Atieq Al-Maghribi — one of the lesser known founders of that extremist organization who died last fall in Syria. Here is a quick translation of some excerpts.


“Brothers and sisters, Allah blessed us with a lion who had the heroism of thousand men, in spite of his fine stature and quiet character. May Allah have mercy on this brother and accept him as martyr. Many people didn’t know him, but for us Abu Atieq was a very special person. He was a soft, patient, quiet and enduring brother. An accountant by education, he worked as such for many years. But he quit when he had heard that a witness of Riba is also liable to Allah. How many muslims do you know that drop years of education, a career and a decent monthly pay merely for the pleasure of Allah? May Allah have mercy on you, Abu Atieq. You revived the values of Shariah by your sincerity.”

“Abu Atieq reminded us of the scholar and mujahid Anwar Al-Awlaki. They had a lot of physical characteristics in common, and if we look back at the life of Abu Atieq we can not fail to make the link with Anwar again. He lived in America as a proclaimer and a defender of the faith, then did hijra to Yemen where he received martyrdom insha Allah. Abu Atieq lived in Belgium as a proclaimer and defender of the deen, emigrated to Bilad ash Shaam where he got the martyrdom of His Lord.”

“Abu Atieq was the definition of fortitude itself. He was arrested more than anyone else for his faith. Each time the brother came out with his wife in niqab, they were checked and arrested. However, it didn’t stop them remaining steadfast and continuing their faith. How many weak brothers have shaven their beards because they experienced some discrimination in their daily lives, and how many sisters undressed themselves for study or work?”

“He reminds me of Muadh ibn Jabal, he was skinny but his ankles weighed heavier than Mount Uhud, as the prophet said about him. Abu Atieq had a less robust health, but his dawah, his incitement to do good and fight the evil was remarkable. Belgium should mourn these young people, they are the best young people among the muslims and non-muslims. If you view their ethics, dedication and sacrifices, you can only be surprised about this generation.”

“Abu Atieq was a man of few words but of great deads. Each time the brothers were harassed by the police, it was Abu Atieq who took the lead. He went to the front in order to protect them against arrests and fines. May Allah protect you in your grave like you protected your brothers in this world. Let the world know that we love Abu Atieq for the cause of Allah!”

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