Belgian fighters implicated in new atrocities in Syria

There is new evidence that implicates Syria fighters from Belgium in horrific atrocities, the Belgian newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ reports today. Last weekend, images of a mass grave surfaced from the spot their militia had to abandon, and in the town where they have fled to, four beheadings occurred shortly after they arrived. It isn’t sure the Belgians participated in those crimes, but at least they did picture them.

The Belgian fighters are those who lived for several months in a luxurious villa near Aleppo and belong to the extremist ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Sham’ (ISIS). That group is now completely driven out of the area by rivaling rebel militias. “We even had to stage a martyr operation to break through their positions”, a French ISIS fighter hanging out with the Belgians told— referring to a suicide attack. “Two of our brothers were killed, but we did kill at least 90 of them”, dixit ‘Abou Shaheed’.

Shortly after the retreat of ISIS from the town of Hraytan, a mass grave was unearthed there. According to the source, it contained 40 to nearly 100 corpses, hastily buried under a thin layer of soil. You Tube videos show only victims in civilian clothes, and at least one of the bodies is showing signs of brutal torture, while the hands were bound together on the back. So, the victims clearly were not fighters killed in action, but executed prisoners.

All the ISIS fighters fled to Azaz, according to a Facebook conversation between one of them and an associate elsewhere in Syria. “No one has stayed behind in Hraytan”, Frenchman ‘Abou Mouthana’ confirmed to ‘Aba Souleyman’, a Belgian who apparently has left the place much earlier. “But all the members of your former group are sound and safe, including Abou Rayan.”

On the day of their arrival in Azaz, four beheadings were reported there. The victims were suspected to be members of a Kurdish militia fighting against ISIS. On Saturday, pictures emerged of their severed heads, exhibited under a signpost bearing the name of the town, and with a headless body put against it. Two of the dead were very young men, still teenagers probably. We do consider the images too graphic to show, but they are circulating widely on Facebook and Twitter already. So they aren’t hard to find for those who want to look themselves.

Images of the beheading itself hadn’t surfaced yesterday, so it is impossible to say who the perpetrators were. But several foreign combatants whose presence in Azaz is proven — including the seventeen year old ‘Abu Hudey Mhjrn Sham’, most likely coming from Belgium — posted pictures and videos of the result on their Facebook accounts. “They smelled like dogs”, nineteen year old ‘Abou Tayymia’ from Brussels commented. “Thank God for exposing the heretics that way!”

The horrendous images were rapidly shared on social media, also by like minded youths who have stayed at home. Their comments show how the ‘heroism’ of their friends in Syria is affecting their own ethics terribly too. “Bring me his jacket”, one of them told about the headless corpse, “It’s a Diesel, a genuine one.”

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