Belgian female ISIS fighter: “Take your gun and come to Sham”

Nora Verhoeven (20), the Belgian woman who followed her husband Tarik Taketloune to Syria and allegedly witnessed him being killed, is trying to recruit new fighters now.

Picture 2014-03-10 om 19.17.53

“Grab your weapon and come to Sham”, she calls upon her supporters in a new message that was published ‘friends only’ on her Facebook page. Immediately, two women from the Belgian city of Antwerp replied that they want to travel to Syria, but don’t know how. ‘Oum Khattab’ — as Verhoeven is calling herself — promised to pray that the two will find their way. “I had problems with the police, but that didn’t stop me reaching my goal”, she encouraged them.

Verhoeven also explicitely stated that she belongs to the radical ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Sham’ (ISIS) and posted a new video in which she can be seen while firing a kalashnikov from the window of a moving car. Her face is hidden behind a veil, but her comment reads: “Moi, fisabilillah” — meaning: “Me, for God’s sake”.

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