More details emerge about the Belgian ISIS emir Abu Baraa

Yesterday, a few more details emerged about Abu Baraa al-Jazairi, the Belgian-Algerian emir of the ‘Islamic State in Iraq and Sham’ (ISIS) who has been killed last Wednesday in Saraqib in Syria’s Idlib province.

A Belgian ISIS supporter, using the alias ‘Souf Al Casawé’, wrote the following message on his Facebook page — only available for friends, but rapidly shared by others: “He was killed in a vicious manner. Ahrar al-Sham and Suqur al-Sham invited him to discuss and negotiate, but at the first checkpoint of Ahrar he got shot in the arm and robbed of his kalashnikov. They did let him go, but then he stumbled on a checkpoint of Suqur where he was slaughtered with a hand gun.”

In a statement of the ‘Syrian Revolution General Commission‘ — an adversary of ISIS — that was published on the website ‘All4Syria’, Abu Baraa is described as a graduate of a Belgian university with a Masters degree in engineering. “He lived only briefly in Belgium after his graduation.”

According to that source, Abu Baraa did not hold an official status in ISIS, but he managed the local organization of foreign fighters. “Shortly after his arrival, he started to establish cells in a number of rural areas in the Idlib province and naming others as emirs on top of them.” Reportedly, he was also known as ‘the fox’ for his genius in complex operations and intelligence.

His first operation in Saraqib apparently happened in July of last year, when he raided the city’s media centre and kidnapped the Polish journalist Marcin Suder. “He continued to terrorize the city”, the statement says, “with a keenness for carrying out public executions of people deemed infidels and traitors.”