Again, a Syria fighter badly wounded back in Belgium

The Belgian newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ exclusively reported today about the return of another injured Syria fighter: Soufiane Aoulad Abdenbi, 27 years old and coming from Deinze, a town near the city of Ghent.

Aoulad Abdenbi appears to be of Moroccan descent, but little more is known about him.  The paper doesn’t mention how long he was in Syria, nor to which group he belonged. At first sight, he has no links with the typical ‘Shariah4Belgium’ scene. His Facebook page, where visible activity has stopped on the 26th of March last year, points to contacts in the Netherlands. Apparently, he also appeared on the forum, where a Belgian member with the name ‘soufiane-aoulad’ shared a video from the Dutch website (meaning ‘the truth’) in September 2012.

Certain is that he got severly wounded in Syria. According to security sources, he was shot in his arm, his chest and his throat. His lawyer confirmed that he hardly can speak for the moment since even his larynx was hit. He underwent surgery in a Turkish hospital before his family helped him travel back to Belgium. There he stays in prison now, as do five other men in the case against Syria fighters and the network recruiting them.

Aoulad Abdenbi is the third Belgian fighter who came home from Syria with injuries. Earlier, Hakim Elouassaki from Vilvoorde returned with serious wounds from a granate, and Bilal El-M. from Brussels did arrive in a wheelchair with injuries that allegedly still may result in an ampution of his legs.