Belgian fighter recognized in Kassig beheading video

One of the perpetrators of the mass beheading that was shown in the latest video of Islamic State (IS) allegedly is Belgian. Sources within the security services are quite confident they recognized a member of Shariah4Belgium who is currently on trial in absentia.


Abdelmajid Gharmaoui near Aleppo in July, 2013 (left) and supposedly in the Kassig beheading video (right)

Abdelmajid Gharmaoui near Aleppo in July, 2013 (left) and supposedly in the Kassig beheading video (right)

The most gruesome part of the video message in which IS confirmed last weekend that it has killed Peter Kassig, wasn’t the murder of the American aid worker himself. That act wasn’t shown. But the movie did contain chilling footage of about 20 Syrian soldiers beheaded by IS terrorists. One of them was the notorious Briton ‘Jihadi John’. He was masked and dressed in black, similar to the previous videos. His accomplices however, wearing camouflage suits, did show their face.

French authorities confirmed already that Maxime Hauchard (22), a muslim convert from Normandy known within IS as ‘Abou Abdallah Al-Faransi’, is one of them. And British media identified another one as Nasser Muthana (20), a medical student from Cardiff in Wales. While those names were coming out, the Belgian newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ was looking into rumours that a third one comes from Belgium.

We didn’t get complete certainty, but a source within Belgian security services told about his confidence that Abdelmajid Gharmaoui (28) — a.k.a. ‘Abu Dujana Al-Muhajir’ — is one of the executioners indeed. Another senior official confirmed that the presence of the former Shariah4Belgium member is investigated since Sunday already, and the highly respected independent IS specialist Pieter Van Ostaeyen also thinks is it him.

Apart from the striking physical resemblance, there are some other facts that make it a probable case. Gharmaoui indicated already that he is active within the propaganda department of IS and his Facebook account mentions Dabiq as current place of residence. That Syrian town north of Aleppo is rarely mentioned as such by European fighters, but it is there that the Kassig video was filmed — according to its own caption and independent Syrian media activists who pinpointed the exact location on satellite images.

Gharmaoui was one of the most active Shariah4Belgium members from of the town of Vilvoorde, frequently accompanying his local leader Houssien Elouassaki at gatherings in Antwerp, the main base of the radical organization those days. He left for Syria in October 2012 with Elouassaki’s brother Hakim and fought in the ranks of Majlis Shura Al-Mujahideen, an Aleppo based militia that was led by the Syrian brothers Firas and Amr al-Absi before becoming part of ISIS during the first half of 2013.

At the trial that is currently held against 46 members of Shariah4Belgium, the public prosecutor has demanded ten years of imprisonment against Gharmaoui for membership of a terrorist organization. Like most of the defendants, he is tried in absentia. Lately, we mentioned his name when we reported about allegations of murder against a Belgian fighter who has returned and is free on conditions, Elias Taketloune. It was Gharmaoui who spread those rumours, probably as an act of revenge because Taketloune had cooperated with the police.

If Gharmaoui’s implication in the recent mass beheading sufficiently can be proven, the possibility exists he will be tried for that seperately at a later stage. There are already six defendants facing such a second trial, since the most serious complaints — abduction and murder — were left out of the current case. Those complaints are still investigated and of course they can result in far more severe punishment.

UPDATE (November 18, 2014 – 11u30 PM Brussels time) – In reaction to the story above as it was published in the Belgian newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ this morning, the mayor of Gharmaoui’s hometown of Vilvoorde stated that it certainly isn’t him who can be seen in the video.

“People within the security services initially thought so indeed, but in the meantime they are telling me it was a mistake”, politician Hans Bonte told. Asked for their assessment again, several sources — including a specialist in the matter within a Belgian security service — denied that their meaning has changed. So, the only conclusion is that even authorities do not agree yet on the question whether it is Gharmaoui or not.

The federal prosecutor’s office confirmed it is investigating the case, but declined any further comment. And in circles of radical muslims different meanings also occur. The brother of another well known IS fighter from Vilvoorde wrote on Facebook: “That isn’t Majid”, while acquaintances from Brussels anonymously told the opposite.

UPDATE (November 19, 2014 – 1u30 PM Brussels time) – According to the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office, the man in the Kassig video isn’t Abdelmajid Gharmaoui. “The physical resemblance made us think so”, spokesman Eric Van Der Sypt just told us, “but technology is pointing to the contrary. For us, the investigation is closed.”

Belgian fighters in Syria plotting revenge on former comrades who talked to police

Shariah4Belgium fighters in Syria have started retaliation against former brothers in arms who went home and cooperated with the police, the Belgian daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ reports today. The extremists published an incriminating video about such a ‘traitor’ and even say he beheaded several people.

Belgian fighter Elias Taketloune in a recently distributed video from Syria

Belgian fighter Elias Taketloune in a recently distributed video from Syria

23 years old Elias Taketloune was in Syria from November 2012 until May 2013. He came back after his wife had given birth to their first child at home — a son named Shaheed. Shortly after his arrival, he turned himself in to the police. In the first interrogations, he declared that he only had been active as a humanitarian worker in Syria. The certificate from the Syrian Red Crescent that he submitted as evidence however, turned out to be false. As a result of that, he’s not only indicted for leadership of a terrorist organization at the current trial against Shariah4Belgium in Antwerp, but for forgery too.

During his later interrogations, Taketloune admitted that he did participate in the armed struggle in Syria. “But only twice”, he said. “The first time, I was positioned in the back line, responsible for receiving the wounded. The second time, my job was to reload an anti-aircraft gun if needed. But it wasn’t used that day.” So, according to his own declarations, Taketloune has never fired a gun. “I even didn’t carry a kalashnikov”, he told. “I couldn’t afford it. I only had a hand gun.”

But the short video some of Taketloune’s former comrades brought out, proves that he was much more of a fighter than that. It shows Taketloune behind the wheel of a car, with a kalashnikov visible between his body and the driver’s door — clearly indicating that the weapon was his. Moreover, he tells to the camera: “We are fighting for the cause of Allah. We’re all here because there is no other God than he. And inch’allah, it will be all over the world. I swear, you hypocrites, we’re on our way to start with you!”

The video appeared a few days ago on the Facebook page of Houdaifa Ammi, a fighter in the ranks of the Islamic State coming from Taketloune’s hometown Vilvoorde, near the Belgian capital Brussels. He calls his former comrade by his fighter’s name ‘Abu Shaheed’ and seems to pay him great respect. “How many battlefields we’ve done together”, Ammi writes. “A lion in the front line.” Taketloune’s lawyer flatly denied the guy in the video is his client when asked for a reaction, but several other sources confirmed it certainly is Elias Taketloune.

In the meantime, heavier charges were added to the video. “Abu Shaheed was a good shooter”, another Belgian fighter in Syria — Abdelmajid Gharmaoui, also indicted at the trial in Antwerp — reacted shortly after the movie was posted. “It has always been his dream to perform a martyr’s operation and I do remember his first decapitation in Sheikh Soleyman, after he drew the long straw.” Whether this last allegation is true, it is difficult to say. As far as we know, the Belgian judiciary hasn’t any evidence that Taketloune committed crimes like that. His name isn’t mentioned on the list of Shariah4Belgium people that can be tried for murders at a later stage, and he’s awaiting his sentence as a free man.

The fact that sympathizers of the Syria fighters from Vilvoorde already have tried to sell the video of Taketloune to several Belgian media — an offer ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ refused — indicates an orchestrated campaign. Those sympathizers consider Taketloune as a traitor because he talked to the police. By bringing out the video, they hope to contribute to a heavier sentence for him. Recently, a similar thing has happened to Jejoen Bontinck, another returnee from Syria who cooperated with the police. He was accused of having executed a Syrian soldier in a Facebook post coming from the extremist circles he once belonged to himself.