Abou Handalah, the 27th Belgian fighter killed in Syria

As already mentioned on Twitter by the well informed Pieter Van Ostaeyen, another Belgian fighter has been killed in Syria. And on the same day, a new one arrived


The dead Belgian apparently belonged to Jabhat al-Nusra and he was slain last friday while manning a lookout in Sheikh Najjar near Aleppo. His true identity remains unknown, but in the meantime a picture has surfaced on Facebook.

According to original poster ‘De Basis’ — a collective of Dutch and Belgian jihadis in Syria — the picture was taken the day before the fighter’s death. “He agreed to be filmed and photographed for a dawah project, and soon a video will be published showing more from him.”

Several comrades who knew him personally, already paid their respects. “A truly beautiful brother”, Abu Muhammad stated. “You should take a look at his mobile phone, because he wrote marvellous poems”, the Aleppo based fighter from the Dutch city of Den Haag elaborated.

His Belgian compatriot Abou Fudayl Shami yesterday wrote that the slain fighter was using the alias ‘Abou Handalah’ and will be deeply missed. “I can testify about your nobility and your commitment to jihad. I’ve seen how you proved that. May the mighty God give us more lions like you.”

According to Van Ostaeyen’s research, this fighter is the 27th Belgian who has died in Syria. There may be some double countings, but the list of the Belgian fighters who are/have been in Syria contains already 396 names.

The case of ‘Abou Sabir Al Belgiki’ proves that there are still new departures. That 24 year old from the Antwerp neighborhood of Borgerhout announced last friday on his Facebook account that he had reached his goal.

“Mother, I’m in Syria now. I can’t come back after all the efforts I’ve made. Allah would not forgive me and I hope you can accept that”, he wrote. Yesterday, he also posted some pictures on which he’s posing with a weapon.

Conversations with his comrades learn that his real first name is Fahd and an older picture on his Facebook account is showing his face. He seems to be of Moroccan descent and clearly is a supporter of the disbanded radical organization ‘Shariah4Belgium’.