Suspect in case of Belgian Syria fighters killed in road accident

One of the suspects in the case of the Belgian Syria fighters has died in a traffic accident. Abdelouafi Elouassaki (29) succumbed to his injuries after a crash with his motorcycle on monday evening in Brussels.

Abdelouafi was the elder brother of Syria fighters Houssien and Hakim Elouassaki. The latter came back to Belgium with serious injuries and is now in jail. The first, considered as a recruiter, still hasn’t returned.

It was Abdelouafi with whom Houssien has talked about plans for a terrorist attack in Brussels during an intercepted phone call. The contents of that call were confirmed by two separate security sources and reported ten days ago in the Belgian newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’.

Abdelouafi didn’t show signs of religious extremism — he fancied parties with well known deejays and was pictured only last weekend with Djibril Cissé, the French-Ivorian soccer star annex deejay who converted from islam to christianity.

But because of the suspicion he has helped his brothers both practically and financially with their travel to Syria, Abdelouafi was jailed for a while after the large police operation against Syria fighters in Belgium last month. Both brothers belong to the radical movement ‘Shariah4Belgium’.

Abdelouafi for his part was a leading member of ‘Kamikaze Riders’, a Brussels motorcycle club known for illegal stunts on public roads. Once he boasted on Facebook about being caught in France driving at a speed of 235 km/h.

Coincidence or not, the founder of ‘Kamikaze Riders’ is also considered as a radical muslim with links to the case of the Syria fighters — as Abdelouafi’s brothers are. That founder is a youth friend of Abdelouafi living in the Brussels suburb of Anderlecht, Saïd S. (a.k.a. ‘Said Kamikaze’, ‘Said KR’ and ‘Said Delta Box III’).

Apparently, Saïd S. has been in jail already for burglary and weapon crimes, and still appears to be behind bars at the moment — according to messages of support friends have posted with his picture online. But the reason of that current arrest we don’t know.

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